Room Copenhagen Storage Brick "Lego" with 8 Knobs, Yellow

Lego Storage Brick Box 8 - Product Details: A stackable Lego storage box with 8 knobs, Home storage made fun!, The stackable bricks can be used as giant building blocks as well as for storage, Lots of sizes and colours available, Size approx-50cm x 25cm x 18cm , An ideal gift for a Lego fan, Colour: Yellow, Boxed size: 2.
2 kg, These Lego Storage Bricks make home storage fun and exciting! Ideal for storing Lego, toys and games, They can also be used as giant building blocks that can be stack...

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Room Copenhagen Storage Brick "Lego" with 8 Knobs, Yellow product information

1. FUN AND PLAYFUL: With this storage box, kids will have fun while tidying up their rooms. Decorate, play, build, form and have fun with the boxes ; Ages 3+ ; LEGO bricks not included. 2. STACKABLE: The boxes are stackable, just like the original LEGO brick. Personalize your collection by stacking several sizes in your favourite colours on top of each other 3. ICONIC: This storage container is an official LEGO product; a 1600 % upscaled / enlarged model of a LEGO brick and hollow inside. Dimensions 500 x 250 x 180 mm / 9.8 x 19.6 x 7.1 in 4. FOR EVERY ROOM: Use the storage brick in the kids room, in the living room or in the office. There is a size and colour for every need, for children as well as adults With the LEGO Storage System, tidying up is not only easy, but also fun Dimension: 25 x 50 x 18 cm Material: Plastic


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SKU: 5706773400423

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