Edison Education V2.0 Robot

Robot Kit / Recommended Minimum Age 4 / Reacts To Sounds

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Edison Education V2.0 Robot product information

Edison is a robot to learn and invent, a smart car that you can see and hear thanks to the different sensors you have installed.

Detects and dodges obstacles, begins to move with the sound of a pat, tracks lines along your path, detects light and communicates with other EDISON robots.

You can choose between playing with remote control and pre-loaded programs or creating your own programs. A single toy with endless possibilities.

Grow with EDISON! There is teaching content for children from 4 to 16 years old. The possibilities progress at the same time as the child does, thanks to the different levels of language offered for programming (block based, Python or hybrid language).

Bring your Lego constructions to life with Edison, they are fully compatible or choose the EdCreate Building Kit.

Edison is a very fun Stem stamp robot (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with which you can even play in a remote controlled car mode.

Prepare your kids for the future! Technology and robotics are everywhere.


EANs: 0643380416377

MPN: P463

SKU: 0643380416377

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