Polly Pocket Llama Music Party Compact

The Llama-shaped compact features a super-cute face framed by a colourful crown of flowers and includes micro Polly and Lila dolls and 2 llama friends! Open the compact and get the festival fun started with a door that opens to a performance stage with drums and a microphone; a dance floor that spins by turning the wheel; transform festival areas into food stalls and a picnic table; and take the stairs to a tent that opens to a cosy hang out.
Polly and Lila dolls can ride their 2 adorable l...

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Polly Pocket Llama Music Party Compact product information

​Compact comes with a strap so kids can wear it as a wristlet or purse and it is small enough to take anywhere!


EANs: 0887961828450


SKU: 0887961828450

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