Kinetic Sand Sandisfying-Set

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set Transform Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set like never before! Create mesmerizing sand effects and incredible videos to share with friends.
With red and blue Kinetic Sand, mix or marble your sand! Comes with 10 different tools, 2lbs of Kinetic Sand, a transformable sand box, phone stand and backdrop for filming videos! Create again and again and let Kinetic Sand flow through your hands – it's so satisfying, you won't be able to put it down! Let your imagination run w...

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Kinetic Sand Sandisfying-Set product information

MIX, SHAPE AND SQUISH LIKE NEVER BEFORE: The included 10 tools and 906 g of sand let you transform Kinetic Sand like never before! Mix the two sand colours together, then mould it, shift its shape, scoop it and grate it – the possibilities are endless!


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SKU: 0778988179673

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