Look Back in Anger? The TV Tech Review of 2010

Relieve the stresses of the day with this set of 'Anger Management Stressballs'.
The novelty set of stress relieving balls will provide an outlet for pent up anger you may experience at work or home.
The set of three squashable balls also give colleagues, family and friends an indication of where your anger level is at.
If the yellow ball is being squeezed it's likely the squeezer is mildly annoyed; orange: they are quite cross and red: hopping mad and probably best to be avoided!...

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Look Back in Anger? The TV Tech Review of 2010 product information

3 stress balls for progressive anger relief

Comes in 3 different sizes and designs

Next time you're thinking of lobbing your computer out of the window and decking your boss, pick up one of our stress balls and think of how glorious life is outside of jail


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